Friday, June 18, 2004

Feedback from Session Two - Thursday 17th June

Below is the feedback from Session Two on Thursday 17th June.

Please leave a comment if you have any corrections, or anything you'd like to clarify or add.

What I liked

- Pace good
- Student/teacher ratio good & important
- Innovative approach to training
- Welcome great
- Tool mystery out (sic)
- Liked notes
- Notes reinforced by blog
- Made it very easy
- Course very well planned & organised
- Storing images is great - getting easier
- Good to practice adding images
- Good demo on how to create a jpg file
- Team blog - great
- Embeds other computer skills
- Feedback works well
- Catering fine


- Gaps in computer knowledge e.g. not knowing how to use multiple windows

Bright Ideas

- Post computer skills inventory
- Demonstrate on a model blog how formatting helps
- Post sample text for exercises
- More time to practice


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