Thursday, May 27, 2004

Feedback from Session One - Thursday 20th May

Below is the feedback from Session One held on Thursday 20th May.

Please leave a comment if you have any corrections, or anything you'd like to clarify or add.

What I liked

- Felt welcome
- Good overview of session in introduction
- Printed notes
- Nice contrast between online journals and blogs in notes helps understanding of differences between the two
- Good pressure to keep moving
- Liked computer demo system


- Underpinning computer skills
- Need more time - a lot covered
- Would like more time to practice with supervision

Bright ideas

- More supervised practice time
- Set up mentoring relationships
- Prior warning of required computer skill level
- Pre-requisite computer skills inventory
- More support with those without pre-requisite skills
- Step-by-step instructions with screen shots in notes
- Include URLs for websites visited in notes
- Table in notes to write usernames and passwords
- Sean's contact details on notes
- Notes about posting (added 04/07/04)


At 3:49 pm, Blogger Sue said...

Thanks Sean for moving my posts around to their correct places! I'm finding it a bit confusing - if I don't put posts on my page for our group, should I be posting a comment on each person's page?

Will you be developing notes about posting? I think I'd like that added to our group's comments as a bright idea!?


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