Thursday, July 29, 2004

Feedback from Session Four - Tuesday 27th July

Below is the feedback from Session Four on Tuesday 27th July.

Please leave a comment if you have any corrections, or anything you'd like to clarify or add.

What I Liked

- Moodle is easy to use and navigate, accessible, intuitive/logical
- Moodle has multiple group uses
- Setting-up Moodle is easy, exciting & liberating
- Presentation made setting-up process very tangible and reveals it doesn't have to be too hard
- Liked provision for individual follow-up
- Activities: great ideas, show's what's possible, caters for different levels, great for mainstream course, not just YAR


- Some terms (e.g. "force" group)
- Computer screen too bright
- How to curb enthusiam for registering
- Activities interface difficult to use, could require certain level of competence

Bright Ideas

- Screen grabs in notes
- Beginners need more time
- Work on a project when working with students
- Give accreditation for e-learning for this course
- Put activities online


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